Saturday Clinic's- Mustangs and Military- all current, former and spouses of Military are welcomed, along with Interested volunteers. This is a free service and will give you an opprotunity to work with one of our Mustangs. Work days begin at 11 am. Please call or check our Facebook to insure current schedule.

Barn Address; 7305 W. Short Rd. Plant City, Fl 335656

Mailing address: 7301 Short Rd, Plant City, FL 33566


Call Today: 813-463-3298

Please contact us to learn about Sponsoring a HORSE, Sponsoring a CHILD or Sponsoring a WOUNDED  WARRIOR. Volunteer opportunities available... please call or email for details.

Megan and "Diamond"

"Horses are magical creatures, who in their presence, make us better people. They forgive our shortcomings and do not care the color of our skin, the language we speak, or the God we pray to. They are obedient and tolerant and ask nothing but fair and kind treatment. We would all do well to “listen” to what horses have to teach us.” Jennie Sloan

ABOUT US - RJ FARMS is dedicated to helping people reach their own personal goals. Each goal is a passion defined only by your own imagination. Do you want to ride, but did not think you could because of a physical or mental limitation?  Do you want to build a work ethic in a young person or develop teamwork in people? Do you just need to reconnect with something amazing? RJ  Farms Horses will help you reach those goals – One lesson at a time! Our objective is to let you learn what it takes to be a parnter with your horse. We are not a show barn, but a family enviorment where our faith in our animals is strong. We strive to build boldness in our clients and independance in their horsemanship. We do not judge and support riders of all ages and abilities.  If it takes us months or years to develop a rider--- So BE IT...

Our barn is in place to help the Mustangs in our care.. the rescues are FIRST... we ALL work together to continue to have a beautiful place to keep our horses, fellowship with friends and learn all we can.  We are NOT a show barn, we are a family enviroment where people of walks of life can come for sanctuary, solitude, confidence, strength and faith in themselves.  I believe God allowed this farm to come into existance and he will continue to see it through and provide me and the clients I care for the tools needed to achieve personal success.  ~ Jennie




Effective SEPTEMBER 1, 2014- We will be relocating the farm to a new, long term facility. *** New address 7301 Short Rd. Plant City, FL 33565....................